Because randomness comes along every once in a while.

Because randomness comes along every once in a while.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale--Part Two

Welcome back to The Arcadian Interludes.

Last time, we discovered the blandness of Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale. Not all that offensive, but at the same time, despite it being a ripoff, the plot was just as cliched as one could imagine. Let's continue with this, shall we?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Episode 1, Part 1--Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

Spark Plug Entertainment's ripoff of Charlotte's Web. Seriously, can you expect anything else?

(Credit goes to TheWMEForever for the uploading of the film, and credit goes to Spark Plug Entertainment for making the film. Oh, and just to be safe, credit goes to E.B. White for the original source, Charlotte's Web.)


Welcome to the Arcadian Interludes, a series of reviews wherein I explore the depths of the Mockbusters and Follow the Leader-type movies.

Unlike most Internet reviewers, mine will be text-based in the style of liveblogs. Note that I've yet to create a set schedule, but I'll be able to post a review in the next few days and go from there, so that way no one would (hopefully) ask me, "When's the next review coming up?"

For my first text review, I'll explore the sheer WTFery that is one of the Spark Plug Entertainment films. (More on the types of film companies that I may or will review later.) Expect to see a lot of Shout-Outs, trope mentions, and the occasional slipping into insanity throughout the reviews.

What will happen throughout these reviews? Stay tuned.